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School Leadership

Mushtaq Mahendru

Mr Mahendru has over 15 years of school managerial experience and has received training from world leading organisations. His vast experience allows the school to run smoothly on a daily basis whilst constantly providing opportunities to our pupils that ensures when they leave SGS they are smart, confident and well-rounded individuals.

Jasvir Mander

SGS is unique to other schools in India - it creates a multi-disciplinary teamwork approach to the smooth running and decisions made for the school by having a vice-principal. It is often said, ‘two-heads are better than one’ and the collaboration of both principal and vice-principal allows just this. Mrs. Mander ‘s bold personality ensures all our students are well disciplined and that the principles laid out in the school ethos flourish everyday.

Abhai Kumar Jain

The chairman’s passion for the well being of SGS is beyond words. After all, the school was set up in memory of his mother and with the aim to provide education to the children of his hometown. He ensures the infrastructure of the school is constantly updated and creates educational standards that are unrivalled compared to other schools. He often funds opportunities for the school that surpass students and parents’ expectations such as inviting teachers from the UK to teach at SGS during summer months. Most of all he ensures that there is a pleasant and safe environment for all our students at SGS.

Vice Chairman
Mr Mankash Jain

Mankash has a charismatic personality and in his time away from chairing decisions he is able to provide our students with seminars into future careers. He himself is a world-leading FX banker and economist and provides help to those students in more senior classes in achieving places at top universities by providing guidance and opportunities to attain a broad skill set and impacting curriculum vitae.

Vice Chairman
Dr Sarus Jain

Sarus creates an individual rapport with all staff and students at SGS and in his time away from chairing decisions he is heavily involved in making improvements to the school facilities and ensuring there is no shortfall in teaching standards. With an underlying MBBS degree, he has been able to recruit a skilful medical team in our first aid department to ensure any student’s illnesses or injuries can be dealt with in a confident manner. Along with Mankash, he also provides seminars and workshops to senior students who wish to embark in medical careers.

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